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2021 Décor Trends For Wardrobes


Wardrobes are essentials in our bedroom spaces that we simply cannot do without. But, while they seem to fill so much of the room space, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be aesthetically pleasing. We've done some research on the 2021 décor trends for wardrobes on your behalf. From North America, to Australia and New Zealand, to South Africa, we've found consensus on the following inspiring bedroom closet trends for 2021.

Bedroom cupboards in 2021 will be sophisticated, sleek and stylish with two types featuring noticeably.

Invisible Wardrobes
With home sizes getting smaller, invisible wardrobes are ideal for bedrooms here. It's almost as if there is no cupboard in the bedroom, as if it is part of the wall, it blends so seamlessly into the space. Sliding doors or handle-free cupboard doors perpetuate this illusion of continuity and the barely-there feel.

Doorless Wardrobes
In contrast, is the doorless wardrobe which is very prominent in the room. It is open-faced with its organisers and storage exposed - where everything is on display but instantly reachable - revealing the beauty and quality of its orderliness and organiser finishes.

This cupboard type is ideal for storing other items like a TV and for dark bedrooms which get limited natural light.

Sophisticated Storage
Interior wardrobe spaces will be about neatness and space, whether it's a walk-in, invisible or exposed wardrobe. With a variety of functional built-in organiser options, from suitable shelving and compartmentalised drawers to dedicated hanging spaces and smart shoe racks, it's all about simple and stylish storage for eye-catching impact.

But, as an avid collector - of shoes or jewellery perhaps? - you may want to customise a beautiful storage option which exhibits your prized collection for easy admiration at a glance.

Stylish Door Finishes
An international growing trend is always to make the use of natural sustainable products your preferred choice. In 2021, we will see more wardrobe finishes using eco-friendly products like leather, wood and glass whether for full length doors or incorporated in panels in doors. Still on trend are mirror finishes which reflect light creating a sense of sophistication and the illusion of more space. With colours, tending towards natural, warm, earthy shades, solid or with bold contrasts, cupboard doors are set to make a striking statement and complement the aesthetics of the bedroom décor.

Multi-purpose Wardrobe Spaces
With work-from-home being the new way of life across the globe, the home office is becoming cleverly incorporated into or, an extension of, the wardrobe especially where spaces are smaller.

Be on trend in 2021 and incorporate these wardrobe décor styles in your home.

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