Don't get stuck in a knot, organise your cables behind your display units and wardrobes so they cannot be seen.

Whether you need to organise your cables in the bedroom, living room or office, it can be a difficult task. So, to help save your time in future, here are a few tips to help you organise and store your cables effectively!

Label your cables...

One of the biggest grievances we experience with cables is the amount of time we spend detangling them. Saving you and your family members from this hassle is a simple matter of cable manners and ensuring that they are properly organised and stored. Rolling up your cords and labelling each one creates the ultimate cable organisation solution.

Creative labelling ideas:

Take a look at some creative ways that people have labelled their cables...

  1. Cable Art: Who said cables couldn't be visually appealing? Take a look at these brilliant art pieces created between appliance and plug: http://ow.ly/CshY30p69jC
  2. Cable Dividers: Dividing your cables properly can keep them from cluttering and getting tangled. Have a look at these chic cable dividers for the office: http://ow.ly/s2Rp30p69xp
  3. DIY: There's a DIY hack for everything these days, so why not your cables as well? Take a look at these 15 ingenious and in expense cable organiser hacks: http://ow.ly/YFJY30p69z7

It's not just smart, it's safe

Not only is organising and storing your cables effective and neatly going to save you and your family time in the future, but it is also safety smart. Cables that are not properly looked after can cause a few issues, such as minor tripping hazards, but they can cause major problems as well. Frayed cables can expose live wires which could cause house fires.

Whether your cable troubles are in your living room, bedroom or office, organising and storing them properly will provide you with more time to enjoy your devices.