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10 Ways to Transform Your Tiny Kitchen


 A small kitchen can give you big problems, from minimal counter space to work from, to small storage space, and worst of all, it will always look cluttered and messy! If you have a tiny kitchen that makes you cringe, here are 10 genius ways to double your counter and storage space while making it look tidy and clean. 

1. Make use of the vertical space in your kitchen. Add shelves to the empty, bare walls, or install a magnetic knife strip and get rid of the bulky knife block. This can help you get more storage space and even clear counter space!

2. If there is a nook hiding between your fridge and the wall, install a rolling pantry. These are perfect for storing spices, canned foods, and other non-perishables.

3. Install a fold up table instead of the bulky kitchen table or kitchen island. These will give you the added counter space you need, when you need it, and fold up into sleekly into the wall.

4. Make use of the space above the cupboards for kitchenware and appliances you don't often use. Not only will this free up counter and cupboard space, but it also looks fantastic when done right!

5. Is your stove taking too much of the counter space? You can use it for additional space by placing burner covers over it, just make sure your stove is turned off first.

6. Install a small curtain rail in a few minutes and hang the utensils you use most often and save yourself from bulky utensil holders taking up counter space.

7. Hang those cupboard hogging pots and pans next to your stove or from the ceiling.

8. Install shelves vertically in your cupboards for easy storage of baking trays and breadboards. This will also help you to organise them and get whichever one you need out a lot more easily.

9. Incorporate mirrors into your kitchen décor or backsplashes to bring more light into your kitchen and make your space look bigger.

10. If your kitchen sink is stealing most of your counter space and food prep is difficult, place a breadboard over the sink for instant chopping space.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.
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