It’s the festive season and with the New Year approaching, most people are already planning their resolution list! However, if we’re being honest, New year’s resolutions rarely last – Unlike our quality sliding doors!

Rather than wasting your time and energy on half-baked plans, why not instead re-envision your wardrobe by letting Fineline Solutions refresh your look for 2022 and beyond? We’re here to make your resolutions a reality so read on to discover a host of decorative wardrobe solutions with unique applications perfect for just about any bedroom interior.


Mirror Doors

Mirrored sliding doors are luxurious, comfortable, and most importantly, functional. Not only do they make your room appear larger, but they also brighten up any space they’re installed in since mirrors collect all the natural light and reflect it off other areas of the room.

Mirror sliding doors are the trendsetting choice for home décors this New Year and by far the most popular choice within our product range. For simple living, mirror sliding doors offer easy access, more freedom of movement, and optimise your home storage options.


Décor Glass

If you’re looking to show off the whole look of your wardrobe this New Year, this glass panel in the middle of the sliding shutters is the perfect choice for you. With a high-gloss finish above and below the glass, it makes a striking visual impression.

Fineline’s sublime selection of exquisite décor glass is available in a wide range of colours that you may mix, match and combine at your leisure. The glass panels we offer are versatile and contemporary and allow for any customer-specific shape or size in combination with a wood veneer or aluminium frame.


Melamine Doors

If you are looking for a more sophisticated melamine wood grain décor this New Year. Consider using panels made of sturdy and durable melamine-finished materials.

These panels are only available in a select range of wood grain and textured finishes, but they can also be used in plain colours that can be painted to match any bedroom design. Natural style wood grain melamine panels combine the concept of natural elements with a modern interior pastiche.


Combination Doors & Room Dividers

Struggling to figure out which decorative look and feel match your tastes the most? Why not try a combination? Fineline Solutions combination doors offer a truly unique aesthetic based solely upon your design flair.

From sliding door mirrors to glass decorative doors or melamine decorative panels. Create a mixed classic wardrobe to add a unique, completely custom and vibrant wardrobe design into your home interior.


Double-Sided Room Dividers

Treat yourself to a designed double-sided room divider, that provides a barrier-free, high-end lifestyle. Fineline Solutions’ double-sided room dividers are used as walk-in dressers and entrance areas to suit doors or to protect the privacy of your living space.

These elaborately crafted sliding partitions include mirror panels, decorative glass, and even wood panels. Emphasise your living room, bedroom, or bathroom with our ultra-stylish room dividers tailored to your unique taste.

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