The winter season undoubtedly will have you choosing between being warm and being stylish. With a Fineline Solutions organised wardrobe why not choose both?! There is absolutely no reason to look shabby with our selection of the latest trends that you can try out this winter.


Go bold or go home

In the past winter seasons, we looked particularly at the dark tones and shades as they are easy to use for both work and social events.

In 2022, we are going bold with colour as we look to the inspirational fashion collections: Pink Valentino winter/fall season show, what better wardrobe influence to start showing off your oversized coats and blazers in colours from pink, orange, and yellow to your brightest Lumo greens.

However, the most important trick when picking an outfit is knowing that you cannot match an oversized blazer with an oversized pair of jeans or an oversized blouse. Nope! You need to acquire balance. Consider baggy jeans paired with a body-hugging top or just a plain t-shirt that you can finish with that oversized coat. Accessorise a little with a crossbody bag for that chic touch!


The old school leather

There is no doubt that the latest leather trends are recycled from centuries past. If for some reason you have a few leather pieces in your wardrobe then now is the time to let them shine! With classic leather, always remember “more is more”. Thinking of styling them up? Throw black leather pants with a plain white blouse and chunky sneakers to give your outfit a luxurious yet futuristic aesthetic.

But then again with the weather being cold, you may just want to take the first thing you see when you open your wardrobe. As it so happens, a leather jacket could be your go-to apparel anyway so let the 2022 motto simply be “you do you!”


Style your scarf

You would think shoes, handbags, or sunnies leave a statement – and you would be right. But have you ever considered wearing a scarf? The thing about that old scarf in your wardrobe is that it can be styled in any way possible and still look Incredible.

Whether it is a thick wool scarf or a graceful silky piece. On a cold winter day, you have different options on how you can style your scarf on any outfit like the drape on a coat, which is the simplest way to wear your scarf.

Hesitant when it comes to big scarfs? Worry not! wear your wool dress, pair it with a leather jacket, and for the final statement tie a silk scarf on your neck and go out styling!


Intarsia sweaters and Cardigans

Knitted sweaters or cardigans are always put aside, forgotten, and associated with Ugly Betty, but not this season! This year, you’ll want to add some pattern stitches and colour to your minimalistic daily style.

For an impressionable semi-formal look, throw an oversized shirt on and keep warm with winter pantyhose in the colour of your choice, sealing the look with an intarsia sweater. Do not be afraid to get a cardigan or sweater with the craziest stitches. Remember “go bold or nothing at all” this winter.

And wherever you go – Don’t forget your sunnies! It’s still Mzansi after all!


Create your dream wardrobe today

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