When it comes to sliding door wardrobes, there’s a lot to be excited about. Not only can they give your bedroom a fresh look, but they can also provide you with a practical space to store your dress to impress clothes and shoes. We would love to share some ideas, benefits, and small tips on what you can do when you want a sliding door to be the perfect fit. 


Sliding Doors for Modest Spaces

The big question to ask is why change to sliding doors instead of keeping your traditional doors?

The answer lies in the benefits they provide. The biggest advantage for your home in changing to sliding doors is you can save so much space in your bedroom. How? When you open the door to your wardrobe it takes up space and inhibits movement. Not only that, but sliding doors create a clean and clinical overall aesthetic look that’s perfect for contemporary homes.


A wardrobe/mirror combination is timeless

The coolest benefit of having the wardrobe-mirror combination in your bedroom is that you don’t have to buy a mirror! You won’t have to allocate the corner of your bedroom to a freestanding mirror which leaves it open for you to add a plant or hat stand. Ultimately, this combination can make your space look and feel bigger. Not only that, but a mirror will bring a lot of brightness to the room, especially when facing the windows.


Unlimited design options

Remember, you are not moving to sliding doors as a trend but for clear home living convenience. So look into different designs for different rooms. For the kid’s room, you can opt for a full melamine design or sliding mirror doors as our mirrors are shatterproof. And, if you prefer a little variety, opt for a stylish décor glass design or a mirror-glass combination.


Ways to get creative

Breathe life into your home with imaginative designs. You can kill two birds with one stone when you are looking to create more sitting and storage space. “How?” you ask? Getting a custom wardrobe that is at a bunk stool level, with wooden sliding doors to make it easier when opening of course!

We would recommend a bright and saturated colour for this to allow some brightness to bask the room.

Give us a shout, we are uniquely talented at bringing your wardrobe ideas to life!

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