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Fineline specialises in the custom design, manufacture, fabrication and installation of Sliding Doors, Internal Organisers and Wall Display Units.

With over 30 years of experience, Fineline is able to produce quality, customised installations for your home or business. 

Fineline’s stylish sliding doors and storage solutions will transform your business or home interior.

Each of our products is customised to meet your specific requirements with a variety of materials to choose from.

Fineline News

07 August 2018
Meal planning is a brilliant way for busy people to save time and money by simply thinking ahead, but here's the crazy part, some people think it's a complicated task! Well, if you've thought about meal planning but not sure where to begin, read on f...
03 August 2018
We could all stand to save a little pocket change here and there, whether it's to make the month's expenses a little easier to manage or save up for a big holiday. The trick is knowing how and where you can save a little money here and there to add u...
31 July 2018
We all like to think that our homes and wardrobes are clean, and why shouldn't we? We take the time to dust and sweep and mop and vacuum our homes, disinfect our bathrooms and scrub our kitchens, but what if we told you there are places you've probab...
13 July 2018
Getting a good night's sleep is more essential than ever in our fast paced world. On average, we spend a third of our lives in our beds, shouldn't that much time be made as comfortable as possible? You have the stylish bed board and the Posturepedic ...


We are a South African family-owned business, designing and installing wardrobes since 1984 and our committed (philosophy) has always been to run an ethical business with honesty, integrity and to never compromise safety or quality.


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